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We from “Castle & Bike“ offer bike and mountain bike trips to the tourist attractions of the region. Every trip is adapted for requirements and your physical condition to make sure you enjoy scouting expedition by bike.

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Bicycle rental

Fahrrad Zangmeister (Am Löhrrondell)
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German Corner

In 1216 the German Congregation settled at the confluence of Rhine and Moselle and gave the name „German Corner“ to this historic location

Koblenz has its name from the confluence of Rhine and Moselle – „Castellum apud Confluentes“, latin for „the fort at the confluence“. In the course of time the name Koblenz developed from it.                                               

Deutsches Eck



Fortress Ehrenbreitstein

The fortress is the biggest well preserved fortress in Europe. It was built between 1817 and 1832 in its current extent and shape. 118 meter above the Rhine you have the most fantastic panoramic view  across Koblenz.

Festung  Ehrenbreitstein



The Schängel- Fountain is located in front of the  Koblenz Townhall, the townhall yard, in the historic city. The mascot of Koblenz, “dä Kowelenzer Schängel”, a scallywag, who has lots of fiddlesticks on his mind, stands on top of the fountain, spitting water in regular intervals  down on unsuspecting passers-by.


Electoral Palace

Elector Wenzeslaus had the Koblenzer Palace constructed and built between 1777 and 1786 based on the era of classicism. Later the Prussian Prince Royal William – the later German Kaiser Wilhelm I – took residence here.

Kurfürstliches Schloß